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Company History

ProTek Security and Audio Visual Design, originally established in 1983, are the culmination of over 75 years of related work experience by owners Herb Stride and Thomas Spingler. The security foundations of the corporation are based on  Herb Stride's 25 years of experience as a professional fire official with a major urban Fire Department.  The entertainment and audio/video experience is rooted in Tom Spingler's many years of acclaimed work in professional music and recording.

Aside from our founders, the company employs many  highly skilled certified individuals with a tremendous amount of value added experience in related fields. Included are professional electricians, recording studio engineers, electronic technicians, carpenters, CAD design experts, and most importantly, dedicated audio/video and security enthusiasts.

We are not just another service provider-- ProTek - Audio Visual Design is the creation of individuals with a long standing dedication to their craft.

Dedicated to safety and security of the public as well as the creation and delivery of high quality entertainment.

Originally established solely as a security and related low voltage electronics systems company, the ProTek Security name has been a mainstay in the Northern New Jersey security industry ever since. As advanced home and commercial electronics have evolved, so has the ProTek Security company.  Providing cutting edge technology and the latest products and services available has become part of the company philosophy as we are recognized as a "one stop shop" for all of the most advanced home and business technologies. ProTek Security has continuously grown and evolved over the past 20 years into a leader in the electronics service industry, and remains at the forefront of the technological revolution.

ProTek Security has expanded to not only provide monitored burglar and fire alarms, but to also  include services such as video surveillance, telephone systems, central vacuum systems, distribution of satellite and cable feeds, and distributed audio intercom systems.

In the early 1990's, as pioneers in the field of home entertainment, ProTek Security saw a tremendous shift in the needs and desires of their customers with a tremendous surge in the desire for dedicated entertainment rooms and distributing audio and video throughout the home or business. ProTek Security brought in additional staff dedicated  to the technologies and science of home entertainment. In 1997, this group was spun off as the partner company today known as the Audio Visual Design Group.

There are very few companies as well established or experienced in the New Jersey and New York Metro area as ProTek Security and the Audio Visual Design Group.

We are members of the New Jersey Builders Association, The New Jersey Burglar and Fire Alarm Association (NBFAA), and the Custom Electronics Distributors and Installers Association (CEDIA). Our services can be directed towards working in either new home and commercial development or in the custom installation of systems in existing homes and businesses.



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