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Home Automation


Do not dismiss the notion of HOME AUTOMATION. Home automation is simply the idea of optimizing the efficiency of systems within the home.

Systems can be as simple as controlling heating and air conditioning systems to minimize energy costs to complete systems that can control and automate every electrical system in the home such as lights, entertainments systems, video surveillance, telephone systems, security systems, and provide remote access to each.


How would you like to be able to control all the lights and electrical devices in your home with the push of a button and save money at the same time? Home Automation is your answer. These systems pay for themselves in electrical savings.


Cost cutting/Energy saving:

Most automation systems easily pay for themselves in energy savings. By directing HVAC and lighting to react specifically to their environment (time of day, outside temperature, occupied/unoccupied status of a home) such systems are active only when necessary and dramatically reduce energy costs.

Energy Management and convenience, those are the top two reasons to purchase a home automation system. Central controller touch pads can trigger events and scenes affecting light fixtures, security components, the heating\cooling system, motorized drapes, basic appliances, pool/spa controls, and automatic fireplaces. Virtually any device in your home run on electricity or low voltage can be programmed to save electricity.


Entertainment and Convenience:

Wouldn't You Like To;
Watch or listen to music or video from any room in the house.
Control any device in your home from anywhere.
Turn on your favorite music when you walk in the door.
Turn off the basement TV from your upstairs bedroom.
Make sure the outside lights turn on at night and off in the daylight.
Check to see what time the kids really came in at night.
Have the phone ring when the kids come home.
Remind you which nights are garbage nights.
Close your garage door when you go to bed.
Control practically any function of your home's systems.
All of this and more is available at the touch of your fingertips with home automation.


Remote Control: Do you travel often? Do you own more than one home? Home automation systems can allow you to fully control all the systems with a home or office from a remote location. Adjust temperatures, turn lights on and off, set and reset security systems, even view surveillance cameras from remote locations.
Security & Safety: Your home can actually be in intelligent enough to call you when your children arrive home safely, warn you when temperatures in the home reach undesirable levels, alert you when a car pulls into your driveway.


All Inclusive Homes of the Future

    Seamlessly integrated security, entertainment, and automation

Access Control: via World wide web, telephone, touch screens, remote controls and keypads

Video distribution on demand (doors, children's rooms, pools, play rooms, perimeters)

Energy and money saving environment sensing HVAC and Lighting controls

Environment and mood based "scenes" are completely customized and automated

Integrated Telephones, Lights, Speakers, Intercoms, Video Displays, Security, HVAC, and computers

And Much, Much More!!

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