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ProTek is renowned for applying technology, style and value to its diverse line of products that help enrich the enjoyment of the home, including musical communication systems, home theater surround sound systems and central vacuum systems. ProTek is your best source of multi-versatile music communication systems and high-end 8-ohm surround sound stereo speakers.
We are especially proud of our extensive line of high-end 8-ohm stereo speakers. Our sound quality has been tested against competitive brand names and it equals or excels in every instance.

Master Units
For all the intercom features of the Intercom - plus music and more. A monaural music system gives you 16 preset radio stations (8 AM and 8FM). No more knobs. Simple digital pushbutton controls let you select a music source, adjust volume, bass and treble. The Basic Intercom 12-watt amp powers up to 8 room and 2 door speakers. An optional hand-held RF remote or remote scan speaker allows you to control the system from any room. More advanced intercom systems can give you more power for additional speakers or more room speakers. Optional doorbell chime functions can also be added for more control of your home.  

Compact Disc Player
Now you can fill your home or patio with more than seven hours of music from your favorite CDs - without reloading. This is the only completely built-in multi-CD player on the market featuring a pull-out magazine that holds up to six discs. You can even keep extra magazines handy for virtually endless hours of uninterrupted play.
Imagine every feature you would want in a high-end CD player.

Almond or White Indoor Room Stations.
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Door Speakers (available in different colors)


Ceiling Speakers

Outdoor Speakers

Volume controls


FAQ - Music/Communication Systems

Q: How does an intercom system work?
A: In general, a residential intercom has two normal functions, (1) To page another person for short information conversations. 
For instance, "John you are wanted on the phone." " Okay, I'll be right there." (2) Monitoring a room to make it easier to move around the home and still be able to monitor the activities in that room.
More advanced systems have become popular as a result of added features such as music distribution, door chimes, more versatility and better overall performance.
Q: I have an older model intercom system. Can I replace just the master unit and keep my room stations?
A: No. Technology has changed so much through the years that older speakers simply cannot function with the more advanced technology of today's master units.
Q: Can I monitor from my intercom?
A: Yes. All ProTek intercom systems have monitoring capability. ProTek intercom systems can monitor one room into the rest of the house, or the rest of the house into one room, or any combination in between.
Q: Can I talk from room to room?
A: Yes, but keep in mind that most residential systems are "all call" systems (i.e. when you speak into one speaker your voice travels to all other speakers that are turned "on" throughout the home).


Can I select which rooms hear the radio?

A: Yes. Most of the systems have room control switches that enable you to select various functions for each remote speaker. On those systems without individual room control switches, you simply turn the volume control on the desired speaker from full volume to "zero."

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