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Encouraging Consumer Awareness


The Design and construction of a Home Theater System is both an Art and a Science.

Educate yourself with CEDIA consumer advocate resources!


The ideal goal when creating the perfect home theater is to generate the most accurate reproduction of the audio and video as generated by  the production studio's engineers straight from the cutting room floor and recording studio soundstage.  The professional design specialists at the Audio Visual Design group (AVD) are dedicated to providing our customers with the ideal theater to fit their specifications while always attempting to reach this goal.  

We at AVD want your home entertainment experience to be the most enjoyable experience we can possibly create.  To our customers, we keep our systems as simple as slide in the DVD and press play.  However we understand that audio and video reproductions are extremely complex activities comprised of physical properties which can be acted upon by a wide range of external forces.  Items such as ambient noise and light, reflective and absorptive surfaces and materials, room shape, room size, axial resonance, viewing distance, room capacity, and many others actually effect the accuracy of A/V reproduction.  When designing a system we take all these physical and environmental factors into account.

Accurate reproduction of source material is always easier when there exists the opportunity to design a room specifically as a dedicated theater.  However even when designing a dedicated theater our customers have complete creative control as to desired decor and/or room theme as well as provisions for all types of accessories and furnishings.  We aid in customizing and creating an entertainment room to fit within the specifications set forth by our customers.  

Below are some resources* where you can learn more about audio and video reproduction and their home entertainment applications.


Digital Theater Systems

Imaging Science
Dolby Laboratories Inc Dolby Laboratories Inc
*Company names and artwork may be trademarks and/or service marks of their respective owners. ProTek-AVD makes no claim to any affiliation with these companies.  We are simply providing these links as an informational tool for our visitors.   


At the Audio Visual Design Group we also understand that not every home or budget is suited for a dedicated theater.
We are experts in adapting any room to meet the entertainment needs of our customers.
We specialize in several areas of adaptive theater design.
The Audio Visual Design Group has developed relationships with some of the highest quality and most capable manufacturers in the industry and we design some of the most creative installations in our field.
AVD features some of the most beautifully crafted and designed speakers and equipment to be found in the NY, NJ, CT area. We can match any decor: from the most modern and futuristic the most elegant and refined.
We proudly display Legacy Audio Loudspeakers as an example of some of the finest hand crafted natural wood cabinetry available anywhere in the furniture world, let alone as the highest quality audio loudspeakers.

We also have the ability to create the least obtrusive entertainment system possible.  Ideal for highly decorative areas of the home as well as an assortment of other home and commercial applications (ideal for businesses and entertainment venues).  AVD has a complete array of in-wall speakers suited to fit any scenario or budget.  Ideal for inexpensive ambient distributed music or for the highest quality reference audio reproduction, we can supply the in-wall speakers to fit your needs.

!Invisible Music!

***Ask us about completely undetectable audio transducers.  We can turn entire walls or ceilings into effective full range speakers that are completely unseen and undetectable until they miraculously begin resonating.  Ideal for ambient background music in a home or commercial setting.***



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